Etikett HERMA Premium 70,0x33,8 100

DKK 319,00
(DKK 255,20 ekskl. moms)
Pris pr. stk. v/1 stk.DKK 319,00 (DKK 255,20)
Pris pr. stk. v/3 stk.DKK 296,67 (DKK 237,34)
Pris pr. stk. v/9 stk.DKK 271,15 (DKK 216,92)
Skaffevare: 1-3 uger
Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets, permanent adhesion. Perfect for all laser printers and inkjet printers, copiers, colour laser printers and colour copiers. Guaranteed not to jam, with high-speed capability thanks to extra-strong special laminate, perfectly flat lay and all-round protective edge. Trouble-free print runs on laser printers and inkje